Find a Farmer

Are you looking to sell or lease your property to a farmer? Interested in mentoring or incubating new farmers?

Looking for someone to steward your land?

TN Farm Link supports a wide variety of tenure arrangements on properties of any size, and can be a useful tool for farmland owners to reach their goals. 

You can use this site to create a property listing, search for service providers and educational resources in your area, or to find a farmer for your land. 

Here is a video testimonial from a landowner who has used the services provided by our friends at NC FarmLink:


Tips for creating your Property Listing

When farmland seekers search property listings, they will see a filtered map and list with the name, acreage, and proposed tenure arrangement of each property. When they click on a listing, they'll see your full profile. Be as precise and detailed as you can be regarding your property and the amenities that are included, as well as the kinds of farming that have been practiced there both past and present (to the extent that you're aware). Details regarding equipment and infrastructure, housing, and water sources are very helpful to farmland seekers.

A recent survey of farm land linking tools in the Northeast conducted by Pennsylvania State University found that property listings with the following characterists were contacted twice as often as other listings --

  • properties with buildings
  • owners offering mentoring
  • owners offering financing

Tips for browsing farmland seeker listings

Narrow your search by choosing options in the information fields you care most about, but avoid giving parameters for areas you aren’t concerned with. For example, if you are looking for a farmer who would like to lease rather than buy, make sure to specify this; if you don’t have a firm preference regarding the farmer's intended practices, leave this field open. That way, you’ll narrow down results based on criteria you care about, without unnecessarily eliminating options. Be aware that some farmland seeker listings may more detailed than others, so it’s worth exploring listings that leave you with some questions.  

Certified Farm Seeker Program 

A Certified Farm Seeker is an individual that has proven they have completed the planning necessary and has the experience to establish or expand a farm enterprise.  Certification is awarded when the Farm Seeker shows one or a combination of the following:

  • prior farm experience
  • proof a farm training program has been completed 
  • has a farm business plan 
  • has a professional resume that highlights the seeker’s farm knowledge